Create the ultimate gaming setup with the brand-new gaming innovation - The GameBoks

With the “ GameBoks”, a portable gaming stationthat allows you to transport your gaming gear easily, you'll be able to make the best gaming setup wherever you want, whenever and with whom you want.

This guide provides you with some cool gaming setup ideas that can inspire both you and your friends:

Location for your gaming setup

The location means everything for the gaming atmosphere. To optimize the experience, it’s a great idea to think about where you are sitting and with who you are hanging out with. The whole idea of the ​​GameBoks is specifically to make the perfect gaming setup wherever you want to. So, whether you want to play on the terrace while enjoying the sun, the lan-party or at your old grandmother’s house without a PlayStation, the GameBoks is the perfect solution. Just grab it - and off you go!

Extra essentials for the perfect gaming setup

Another importance when creating the ideal gaming setup, is to provide yourself with delicious beverages and snacks. So, if you want to sit at the fireplace in a cottage with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun, or in the sun with your friends while drinking Redbull and eating chips, remember this in your future gaming setup!

Choose the right game and gather your team

With its unique design and 24-inch flat screen, the GameBoks gives you the opportunity to play just the game you want to play in your chosen gaming setup. With GameBoks desire to improve the gaming community and the social aspects hereby, it gives you countless opportunities for gaming setup combinations. You can bring your GameBoks to a gaming night at your friend's place and play some Fortnite. Take it to the football practice and beat your teammates in a FIFA tournament in the locker room. Or bring it to an unforgettable party at your homie's apartment.

Introducing the new portable GameBoks to the market, it’s possible to reconsider where, how and who we game with. In its desire to making gaming more social and making it easier to carry your gear around, it offers endless opportunities ideal gaming setups. In this guide, we have provided some inspirational examples to improve your setup. But with the Gameboks there are no limits. It's up to your own imagination how you think the best gaming setup should be like.

Ladies and gentlemen. Prepare yourself to a new social way of gaming than you've been used to.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your best friends and start playing your favorite game on the new GameBoks.

Visit our website at and create the best gaming setup with your annoyingly good FIFA-buddy, your little brother who kicks your ass in Fortnite or the sing-star-loving cousin.