GameBoks - introducing a new innovative gaming console gadget to the arena!

These days, we constantly see new gaming console gadgets enter the market. Consoles in varying forms, with new game modes, and graphical features.

However, at GameBoks we are proud to announce a new remarkable player on the market. With our new portable gaming station, it has become possible to take a game of FIFA or Fortnite with your friends, wherever and whenever you want to. With its innovative and compatible form, it has become easy to transport your gaming console gadget wherever you want. At the same time, the GameBoks carries a beautiful design, so you can even look stylish while carrying it.

The ideal gaming console gadget to impress your friends with

The most revolutionary function of the new GameBoks is its easy-to-use package and practical way to carry your gaming setup around, without fear of damaging screen and console.

It can be used in many constellations and contexts, and will certainly impress your friends. You can pack it quickly and take it to the lan party with the boys and enjoy a Fortnite evening without having to bring a large and heavy screen. Likewise, you can take it for a nice getaway with your girlfriend. Have a picninc in the park and play some retro games, or in the car's luggage room and watch Disney movies. You can even bring it on a sailing trip with your family and make a gaming-setup in the cabin.

The GameBoks contains the perfect gadget features

With our aesthetic and practical design, it makes GameBoks the perfect gaming console gadget. It allows converting a large and impractical setup, to a smaller and very convenient setup that you can bring wherever you want. In addition, it features a high-resolution 24-inch flat screen that ensures you the best visual experience. In addition, the boks (box) is equipped with great speakers and fans to cool the entire machinery down.

It is even equipped with additional USB inputs so you don’t have to worry about charging your controllers.

A gaming console gadget with a higher purpose

The GameBoks isn’t just a clever way to transport your gaming equipment around ...

Our innovative product also has another purpose in mind. We strive to make gaming a more social phenomenon, thus bringing together the gaming community to a greater extent. With the product's unique design, and sublime specifications, this gaming console gadget makes the best best tool for gathering friends for a good deal of FIFA, or Singstar for that matter. This purpose is just another reason why we believe that the GameBoks is one of the best gaming console gadgets on the market.

The GameBoks is a new and groundbreaking gadget on the market, which will surely impress your friends and acquaintances. In our purpose making it easier to transport your console around, meanwhile being designed in a nice wooden box, is what makes the GameBoks the ultimate gaming innovation on the market. In addition, we aim at not only creating a great tech product. But also to gather the gaming community and hereby creating more opportunities to have unforgettable gaming experiences with your friends.

So, you out there reading this .. Yeah you! Have you ever wished playing on the sailing trip, in the summer cottage, even bringing it to the skiing vacation. Then the GameBoks is just the solution. Visit our website at and read more about its specifications and design. In our opinion the GameBoks is also the perfect birthday or Christmas gift you could ever wish for.

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