The Gaming Station – Then and Now


A gaming station used to consist of a lumpy couch, a flickering CRT television, and an Atari 2600. You could maybe have a friend over to play a game of Pong. Otherwise it was usually a solitary experience with Pacman and a host of other retro solo classics.
Today most people imagine a bedroom filled with expensive high-end gaming chairs, adjustable standing desks and a rat king of tangled wires running to the screens, speakers, external cooling units and finally the console or gaming computer.
There is a lot of great guides online on how to build the ideal PC gaming station, but gaming doesn’t have to be complicated. The best gaming station is the one that is reliable and is used often.
That reliability and ease of use is why console gaming has become so popular. However, while consoles are easier to lug around than a desktop computer, you still need to have a screen and speakers already set up for them to work.
With the GameBoks, you can play video games almost anywhere – without losing all the comforts of a modern gaming station.


The GameBoks makes it easy to bring your console with you – and protects it on the way there.
The durable wooden casing protects your console and controllers. This way you don’t damage it during transport.
Integrated speakers give you a crisp sound with a “surround sound”- feel due to the design of the casing. The GameBoks also has silent fans cooling your console, so you never have to worry about lag or loud fan noises due to overheating. This way you can focus on the game or chatting with your friends.
All you need to play is a power outlet, a comfortable place to sit, and friends to play with.


The GameBoks works with all newer consoles (PS4, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, XBox One S and Xbox One X). This all-in-one solution means, you can just plug in and play whatever game you and your friends are currently obsessing over.
A high resolution 24-inch HD ASUS-screen ensures that the graphics are highly detailed and look beautiful. The screen runs at a smooth 75 Hz: this low latency ensures that the controls are highly responsive regardless of whether you’re playing FIFA on your lawn or Fortnite at a friend’s house.


A gaming station takes up room. If you’re playing in a small bedroom or at your friend's house, which sometimes you’d rather use that room for food, drinks or maybe even another player. It also takes time and effort.
While the setup itself can be part of fun, sometimes you just want to plug in and play. The GameBoks makes it easy for you to spend your time playing or hanging out with your friends.
It even has multiple USB-inputs, so you never have to worry about low-powered controllers. If you want, you can even use it to charge your phones, while you’re playing.
So, what are you waiting for? Gather your best friends and start playing your favourite games on the new GameBoks.