The Gaming Station – Then and Now

A gaming station used to consist of a lumpy couch, a flickering CRT television, and an Atari 2600. It was usually a solitary experience with Pacman and a host of other retro solo classics. However, with the GameBoks, you can play video games almost anywhere – without losing all the comforts of a modern gaming station.

Tre steder du måske ikke har tænkt du kan medbringe din spillestation

GameBoks er vores hyldest til det fysiske nærvær vi havde, når vi sad og spillede i samme rum. 

GameBoks’ guide - How to find the best TV for gaming

Want to get the full experience of your gaming sessions? Then it's important to acquire yourself with a TV in which both design, graphics and sound are first class.

Create the ultimate gaming setup with the brand-new gaming innovation - The GameBoks

With the “GameBoks”, a portable gaming station that allows you to transport your gaming gear easily, you will be able to make the best gaming setup wherever you want, whenever and with whom you want.

GameBoks - introducing a new innovative gaming console gadget to the arena!

These days, we constantly see new gaming console gadgets enter the market. Consoles in varying forms, with new game modes, and graphical features.

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