Our Story

The Creation of the GameBoks

Christian Alves, The creator and developer of the GameBoks, has been building stuff out of wood for over a decade. He's been building everything from festival speakers to jewelry boxes for his mother.

Besides being educated in furniture carpentry and technical design, Christian is a major gamer. He became increasingly frustrated with the impracticality of bringing his console, monitor and other gaming gear to his friend's places.

Meanwhile, he discovered how friends distanced themselves from each other as they started gaming more. He decided to find a solution to the problem and make a quick draft.

One day in his shed, he built a simple case of spare wood to put his TV inside it. It worked and solved his problem.

Kickstarting the Community

Christians childhood friend Anthon saw potential in spreading this solution to other gamers. Together with a common friend, Steffen, who's got experience with tools and logistics, they started up the company at the beginning of May 2018 with the goal of launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

They knew that there was a long way from the first concept model to an actual prototype, so they started sketching...

Thinking Outside the Boks

Hundreds of hours of optimizations later, the managed to trim down the big, black, bulky box to a much sleeker and natural looking gaming case; The GameBoks.

The guys worked on the business at a local library until they one day posted the story of the GameBoks on Imgur. The post got more than 100.000 views and resulted in a lot of feedback that they immediately started implementing in the process of optimizing the GameBoks.

Making Gaming Social Again

Since then, they have built up a community of thousands, received hundreds of requests of purchase from gamers worldwide, and gotten access to funds and proper working conditions.

This has all made it possible for the guys to work hard on their key mission with the GameBoks; Making gaming social again.