GameBoks Monitor: FULL HD - 144 Hz

The GameBoks II has different features that distinguish and make the product something unique, but today we are going to focus on one of the key components of the GameBoks II: The monitor. Since there are various technical specifications regarding the monitor, we are going to start describing two special ones: Full HD and 144 Hz.

               Transportable gaming case GameBoks, High performance monitor showing Brawlhalla

For gaming and entertainment in general, having a high-definition screen is certainly a requirement. You can barely enjoy a game if you don’t have a Full HD screen, which makes this feature something crucial to have for a full gaming experience. And the GameBoks II is not behind. The built-in AOC monitor offers a Full HD screen which enhances the gaming experience as if you were on the commodity of your room, allowing you to game from a variety of settings, like your friend’s house or even while you are on the train. 

The other feature mentioned before, 144 Hz, also describes the quality of the screen. This is the refresh rate of the screen, meaning the unit of how many times something occurs in one second. Therefore, a 144hz rate shows 144 images per second. 

               The GameBoks II turned on, showing the great colors the integrated monitor has to offer

As known, the GameBoks II can fit the current generation consoles on the market. These consoles can run 120Hz normally, which makes the 144 Hz offered by the AOC monitor enhance the gaming experience since the refresh rate is higher. In addition, others use only 75 Hz, which again highlights the superiority of GameBoks’s monitor. 

Why is this important, you might ask yourself? Well, this helps having a faster response time, and therefore, a better video quality, reducing the eye strain, which then results in a pleasant gaming experience.

Both features are equally important and are some of the key components that make the GameBoks II a top-quality product, but what makes this monitor even more functional is that it can be carried wherever you want, thanks to GameBoks II’s transportability. Furthermore, the detachable trolley allows for even more comfortable transportation for the owner. It is easy to attach to the GameBoks II and makes it ready to go everywhere. 

So, if you are about to buy the GameBoks II, now you have more reasons to do so and you are ready to take the next step to make a jump on quality for your gaming on the go.

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