How about that transportability?

At GameBoks we are all about transporting your console everywhere. That's the whole idea behind GameBoks!


For us and for all of the GameBoks community it has been a headache not being able to transport your console in an easy, convenient and stylish way. We figured that one out with the GameBoks I, making an unique wooden design for a gaming case.

Enter the new PlayStation 5, and we renewed the design, creating the GameBoks II.

A key feature for GameBoks is the detachable trolley.

The Malik Beasley customized GameBoks with the trolley attached

The detachable trolley makes strolling with your GameBoks just as easy as taking your hand luggage with you - and with just a simple click, it's off and you're ready to open your GameBoks and starting playing. And we just love plug and play solutions!