GameBoks Monitor: 1 MS response time & FreeSync Premium

The monitor specs blog post series has its second edition. In the previous article we focused on the Hz and Full HD (If you haven't read it, click here), but for now we will describe another aspect of the monitor that is as crucial as the Hz and Full HD: The response time and the “FreeSync Premium”. Both play a very important role when talking about the gaming experience, but more specifically for the speed that the monitor can handle. 

GameBoks’s integrated gaming monitor has a 1 MS response time. But what is the response time on a monitor? The response time of a gaming monitor refers to the time it takes the monitor to shift from one color to another, expressed in milliseconds (MS). So, in this case, our integrated AOC gaming monitor has the ultra fast 1 MS response time to change from one color to another! That’s incredibly fast, and among the fastest gaming monitors on the marked But it is even faster if you compare the speed with the average monitor, which is about 10 MS. This means that, according to the AOC’s website, your “fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will be rendered smoothly without the effects of ghosting”, and every gamer can agree to hate monitors that are ghosting.
Moreover, if you take into consideration the reaction time for humans, where reaction time differs from a pro-gamer (average 150 MS response time) to the ordinary human (average 250 MS response time), having a gaming monitor with as fast response time as possible, is really important if you don't want to be behind already before you start reacting to your monitor.
Therefore when picking your gaming monitor, 1 MS response time is one of the single most important specs to secure.

               The GameBoks II, turned on showing Apex Legends


The “FreeSync Premium” feature is something that might not be taken into account by everyone, but it’s a key component of the monitor and its advantages. This technology ensures that the GPU and monitor refresh rate is synchronized, which means a more fluid gaming experience for the user. Furthermore, the FreeSync Premium enables a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz, decreasing the blur and sharpening the picture for a more vivid experience.

These features show us again the top quality of the AOC screen built in the GameBoks and how easy and pleasant it is to game with a GameBoks II. The transportability might be one of the most important benefits of the GameBoks II, but definitely, the screen is not behind, everyone can now enjoy a full gaming experience on the go, without having to sacrifice monitor quality, as well as not having to only game from their room. 

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